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Thread: WBFS Manager corrupting ISOs

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    Red face WBFS Manager corrupting ISOs

    Hi everyone!
    Well, I've always used waninkoko`s wbfs tool (the one which runs from the command prompt) to transfer my Wii ISOs from my PC to my USB HD.
    Recently I started using WBFS manager, and things got messy. Many games froze during play( Lego rock band, scarface, rock band 2 and many others), and after checking I had all the necessary IOSs my conclusion was: Well, i think my HD is bad... maybe broken.
    So i started wanin`s wbfs tool and asked for a check on the HD, and ALL the games I transfered using WBFS manager had errors.
    Solution: formated the HD and re-transfered everything, and it worked like a charm!

    Any one having problems with WBFSmanager 3.0?

    My PC is an Intel Quad, 4 GB ram, 2,5 TB HDD (1x 1.0TB + 1x1.5TB) running windows 7 ultimate Steve Ballmer edition.

    My Wii is running 4.2U, properly modded with HomeBrew channel, USB loader GX, BootMii as boot2 and Priiloader.
    So far i`ve tested Lego Star Wars: complete saga, rock band 2, lego rock band, final fantasy crystal Bearers, New Super Mario Brothers and some others (if anyone needs deteils, just ask).

    Sorry for any mistakes, I`m brazilian and my eglish is a little rusty....

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    Disregard that. Use Wii Backup Manager instead.

    If you don't find it in the forums you can download it from here but log in is needed.
    Wii Backup Manager |

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