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Thread: NTSC GC rom on PAL Wii

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    NTSC GC rom on PAL Wii

    ive just installed the GC launcher 0.2 and got agent under fire NTSC (cant seem to find any PAL vesions).
    tried launching it, asks me to press a for pal, b for 480, x for ntsc etc.... tried evry option but it either gives me a green screen or says error, refer to GC instruction book.
    anyone got anyideas if it will ever work or know where i can get a pal version?


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    I found a link, but after reading the rules I realised you cant post links to games directly, but look on and there is a PAL version in a torrent with several games , just deselect what you dont want, if it helps at all. If not, sorry.

    The only games I ever get trouble with is NTSC, sometimes they just dont work on PAL.
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