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Thread: Can't play downloaded games from USB

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    Unhappy Can't play downloaded games from USB

    I downloaded a few games and used WBFS manag. 3 to transfer them on my USB, but at the end of the process, the size of each game shrink considerably (from 3 or 4GB to 0.5 or .06GB) on the usb card, then when i try to play them on my wii, it gives me an error message.
    Ps: i unzip each time and use the .iso file to save the games.
    Thanks for ur help

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    Are you using an SD card or a hard drive?

    WBFS manager scrubs the games when you use it so it takes up less space on your harddrive, so I wouldn't be concerned with the size.
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    my games are 4.5 gigs when i run them through wbfs they only shrink to 2-3.5 gigs so makes sure you have a full copy of that iso

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    yes i'm using a SD card. As the following reply said, games can be reduced to 2 or 3 GB, but in my case they go down to 0.6 GB, which i believee for a game is far to small. Am i extracting the wrong file ? there is only one .iso file anyway, can't be that

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    You really need a USB drive or a jump drive. I don't think you can play wii games from a sd card.
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    afaik they get scrubbed, thats why they appear smaller,
    i have super mario wii, its 4.37 iso, when i put in onto usb drive via wiibackupmanager, it became 600mb, and it works perfect

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    I have to agree alot of my games have been reduced to under a gig and they play fine without any issues. It will depend on the game and you'll be better off with an external harddrive rather than sd.

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    hiya Dimad , you may want to check this USB Devices Compatibility List out..........


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    Quote Originally Posted by s8n187 View Post
    hiya Dimad , you may want to check this USB Devices Compatibility List out..........

    I found the reason I couldn't play the downloaded games: My mistake was that i was trying to open them using directely The usb loader from the wii menu. What i should have done was to open my NeoGamma in the homebrew channel, then scroll down to "Load games from : <DVD>, using the right-direction control on the remote, change this to "load games from: <USB>, scroll up and press A. Et voila, all the games on the usb appear.
    It was too easy!! Sorry for the nuisance guys, i'm really not good with Hi-tech.
    Thanks again everyone

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    As for your game size, here is a good list of scrubbed game sizes:
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