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Thread: GameCube OS (GCOS) Questions

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    GameCube OS (GCOS) Questions

    I do know that I need a modchip for this but had a few questions about GCOS.

    1) Am I correct that this is used for loading multiple Gamecube games from one disc?

    2) I believe that I can load NTSC Gamecube games directly but is this needed for loading PAL games on an NTSC Gamecube or is there a way to patch them?

    3) Is this also needed for the Wii Emulation Disc?

    4) Can it be burned with Gamecube games or is a disc swap always needed?

    5) Is it good for anything else?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    1) It is used to create Multiple GC games on singe disc

    2) I believe GCOS can be used to patch GC games to specific region (I'm not 100% sure)

    3) Yes it can be used to create Multi-Boot Emulation packs

    4) I believe that Emulation and GC games have to be on separate disc

    5) Maybe to create disc for other GC Homebrew apps/games

    Note that there are Gui interface to GCOS that can be used these days. Following is the information for GCOS :

    ** Fixed V4F+ Release **
    - Fixed issues with 8 or more games
    - improved scrolling through list
    - simplified building from source code

    ** FINAL v4F Release **

    ** FINAL v4 Release **
    - DVD9 support added
    - Gamecube Supported (Softmod and XenoGC)
    - Straight to disc listing, no waiting
    - Auto menu video mode setting
    - If a game requires audio, it will ask to be setup (bit of a problem on GC)
    - Game listing re-coded
    - Improved the .iso generation speed ALOT

    *Do not use Shrunk Audio streaming games (they may crash!)


    Using the app:
    You must specify a region for the output file.
    Examples are:
    GCOS MultiGame Creator V4.exe output.gcm USA game1.gcm game2.gcm etc
    GCOS MultiGame Creator V4.exe output.gcm JAP game1.gcm game2.gcm etc
    GCOS MultiGame Creator V4.exe output.gcm PAL game1.gcm game2.gcm etc

    It will create a self-booting GCOS dvd

    After a bit of tinkering, GC MultiGames are now working fine on GCOS Use our own little application to create GCOS GC MultiGame DVD's up to ~8GB (full DVD9 size to be exact). That's right, GCOS has it first! You may pre-shrink Isos first using GCM Utility 0.5 (one by one).

    Takes about 8min give or take to create a ~8.3Gb Iso image on a 2.4Ghz P4.

    Why is Cobra MultiGame DVD support only "partial"?
    Since Cobra MultiGame DVD's rely on games being on 32kb aligned, some are not playable as this changed now to 128kb. This means that most likely the first title burned on the disc won't work. However instead of removing all support for them, I have left in partial support. GCOS will scan your disc, find whatever it knows will work on Wii drives and only list that. However if you run the DOL file provided on a GC, you will have support for old and new.

    Technical Notes:
    If you want to develop your own app to make these multigame dvd's, here's a rundown of the disc format we made:
    -=The GCOS MultiGame DVD Format=-:
    Header: Just rip the header that a game makes, easiest way to explain.
    Offset table is at 0x40, same as CobraMultigame (in DVD9, offsets are >>2).
    First possible location a game can be is at 0x20000.
    All games must be placed on offsets divisible by 0x20000 with no remainder. (Aligned)

    ** v3 **
    - Audio Streaming games now work.
    - Fixed up regions for all modchips (Autodetect works now)
    - Fixed up syntax on the .exe

    ** SELFBOOT Multigame Ver v2**
    - .exe now creates multiboot and selfboot iso all in one.
    - NOTE: These new discs won't work on the old MultiGame ver GCOS DVD.
    - NOTE: Games Created with previous tool WILL WORK.

    ** Multigame Ver **
    - Fixed menu from going to nowhere if up was pressed
    - Added support for full DVD MultiGames [new GCOS Format ]
    - Added Best support possible for Multigame discs (Cobra ones)
    - Made GUI Neater in MultiGame select area

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    A quick follow up to your reply regarding questions 2 and 3.

    2) Are you saying that it will patch a PAL game to NTSC? If so, would i still need to boot with GCOS first or will I be able to boot directly with it once patched?

    3) Can I boot directly from the Wii Emulatlion disk or will I need to boot from the GCOS disc first THEN insert the Wii Emulation disk?

    Thanks, as always, JBloggs!

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    My limited understanding is that it creats self-boot discs, so once patched you do not require anything to load, either for region patched games or Wii Emulation discs. The best way to confirm is to try it

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    Oh trust me I plan to I'm still waiting on my WiiKey to arrive so I want to know as much as possible before I receive. Thanks again as always!

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    Any news on this, I'm having some issues with PAL games on an NTSC disc. I make sure the region is set to NTSC, but when I try to play PAL games it just sits at a green screen, the NTSC gamecube images work fine.

    When I'm selecting the PAL games I've tried X for NTSC and A for autodetect, when I try to launch using PAL it doesn't do anything.
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    i have the same issue with the green/blue screen... have u had any progress in this area?

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    It's an issue with the regions on the games. I fixed it by getting the correct region myself and rebuilding the image.
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    ooo wow...thanks i actually have a d2e wasabi zero chipped wii, with a 3.3u firmware, since my wii is a usa, should i then only burn ntsc gamecube games? is that what you mean by correct region?

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    yeah, that's the only ones i've got to work, I have a d2e with a d2pro9 and haven't had any issues with Wii games of different region, but for some reason the Gamecube OS doesn't handle it well when converting.
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