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Thread: Wii Warnings

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    Exclamation Wii Warnings

    you've probably seen these....

    The defective wii strap is now the least of your worries.

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    Wii ... as in We... for age 1-100000
    incase ur too much of a idiota u can always follow the wii warnings...

    great video... for people that have a wii yet some how destroying them...
    ahhh god i hate those people

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    "THAT'S NOT LOVE" LMAO....I could swear that bit is new. Apparently I suffer from hysteria due to crude humour lol
    What happens when an individual goes senile at an early age?

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    Sweet sweet love.

    The first guys accent made it that much better.
    ⊂二二二( -ω-)二⊃
    Hard Gay is watching

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    darn, I was gonna balance it on my head later on.....


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