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Thread: Is WODE the way to go for me?

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    Is WODE the way to go for me?

    I just recently got a Wii and just like all the other consoles I've owned that I've been able to mod, I figured I would. Now since I've heard most about the Wii softmods naturally that's what I did. After doing everything I have everything working, but it's not exactly what I expected. Keep in mind my modding experience comes from the Xbox and 360, where the Xbox softmod was simple and unlocked a ton on functionality and the 360 is a simple firmware.

    Now with the Wii some games don't work and it seems like jumping through a lot of different configurations to get things to work and the risk is much higher with a softmod so I was thinking I would just make my Wii a virgin and hardmod it from scratch. However, then I ran across WODE. The price is quite high, but I was mainly interested in running games off of an external hard drive anyway, as I get sick of burning tons of games and having discs all over the place. Having an external hard drive or a few full of Wii and gamecube games would be nice.

    Money aside, would there be any functionality I'd be losing by going with WODE? I'm assuming things like homebrew applications would be out, but from what I've seen nothing really jumps out at me except emulators, but I'd prefer to just use the PC versions. If there's some really cool homebrew stuff that I don't know about that I'd be missing out on, let me know.

    Also, if I'm completely off base on a lot of things, let me know too. Thanks in advanced for the help.

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    This one can be deleted.


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