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Thread: Wii Drive Database Launched! --->> IVC

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    Thumbs up Wii Drive Database Launched! --->> IVC

    Add all your new Wii Drive Data here
    Today, the new Wii Drive Database website was launched, Wii Drive Chip Database. The site will hopefully make it more reliable and easier to identify the DVD drive chip (current and latest) model without having to open the console, by simply looking up the serial number.

    Currently, there are only entries from PAL/European consoles in the database but I hope that as many as possible will contribute and add their details. Over time it will become more accurate and the value of the site will increase.

    I know, there's already a site available by Nintendo-Scene that works like this and it does a good job.[Edit Modderman: The older Wii Serial Tracker is only totally accurate up to August/07 and is not accurate forl consoles after April/08] The issues I have with it though is that I think it's not up to date (D2C2/D2E is not supported) and it's not providing the details and flexibility I want out of a tracker.

    Anyway, please visit the site, add your details, and let me know what you think.

    The Above from IVC
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    Great to have your stamp of approval on this to put peoples mind at ease. Thanks.
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    Not sure if I should put this here, but... I think either you have made a mistake or Nintendo has launched a new Wii version...
    I entered my serial number, copyright year, etc., all fine. But when I try to select my chip (which is a GC2-D1A) it says I selected the wrong chip...
    Now, this is really what it says, I double-checked.

    Serial no.: LEH1803XXXXX
    Modchip: D2Pro9 v2 with Wii-Clip.
    Chipset: GC2-D1A

    When I look it up using your database it says it's a D2C v1. (little sidenote, the shop I got it from said they were compatible)
    Yes, it's from Holland, a PAL version and purchased like a month ago. (I'll look up the exact date later)

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    Thers a few slight quirks...give it long as modders and others keep supporting will become very accurate

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    So how do I add mine, then? :P

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    If i get a wii key 2 it doesnt matter what version i have does it?

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    take your WiiKey 2 questions to the proper forum. You'll find what you're looking for there.

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