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Thread: Presents D2PRO9 V3 WiiClip Installation without Inching issue Guide !

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    The D2PRO Team is already working on a fix with good success so you can wait for this fix and update or you can do the steps in the guide.
    It doesnt work for everyone, but it works for us, our customers, and intallers we've released the guide to.

    This problem occurs in D2C/D2C2 Chipsets that are using the D2PRO9 V3 Chip for it. I believe it even worked for someone that had a D2E chipset that gave that behviour, although it should work for the D2E chipset without doing anything special.

    Anyways enjoy the guide I didn't spell check it or anything so I expect it to have many errors and will update it on a day when im paid more ( I was paid $0 and spent many many hours on this :crazy: ) lol

    What I found is keeping the wire horizontal the way it is in the picture gives the best results. Sometimes the drive will inch for 1-2 seconds but then it will start to work, and usually stays working well after that.
    Our goal was to get it working with the clips so that no soldering to the wii board is necessary.
    The wire lenght we use was approx 2 inches, though it can vary. I found the longer it was the better it would work, but too long and it does not.
    2-3 inches was what I used.

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    thanks Im hoping this will work. and I can start playing

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