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Thread: Triiforce has no images

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    Triiforce has no images

    I have tried several different image packs and i cant get the pictures to show up at all in Triiforce. I have checked and double checked and everything seems to have the proper file architecture but it just wont show the images any body have an idea i have searched all night and just keep getting told to do what i already have. I am using a usb drive to load the program and have the file with the pictures in the root of the usb drive.

    it should work with just 3 letters right? since if it cant find a 4 letter match it searches for a 3 letter match in order to use a foreign cover if its available right? at least that what i thought i understood from what i read about the program. well i would appreciate an help or info i could get about why a very few covers work
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