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Thread: Guide to Determining What Version Wii After Opening

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    Guide to Determining What Version Wii After Opening

    OK. Here's the deal. I want to open up my Wii so I can see the board and find out 100% for sure what version Wii I have. I can't seem to find a guide on what indicators I should look for once it's opened.

    Basically I want a guide that tells me (preferably with pictures) what bits of writing on the motherboard each Wii console version have and what to look for. A guide like this would be very helpful so people know they are purchasing the best chip for their consoles.

    I figured there would already be a guide like this written, but I can't seem to locate it on this site. Any help in this thread or linking to other threads would be helpful and appreciated.

    Please don't mention the Wii serial tracker because it's a piece of crap for anyone who has a newly purchased wii. "50% chance" doesn't help me answer my questions. I'd be just as informed by flipping a coin.


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    Take a look at the following thread

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    You can also look at the gallery half way down
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    Xtreme modchip
    Wii mods in Okanagan Valley


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