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Thread: Download: Collection of DLC Unlocks & Tools - RB2 / GH

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    Download: Collection of DLC Unlocks & Tools - RB2 / GH

    Most of this is just stuff I have collected. Anything missing could be easily made if anyone has purchased any of the DLC and wants to extract their ticket out of their NAND and send it to me.

    When you install the WAD files you should get error -1022 if using Wad Manager 1.5, this means it worked correctly! If it does not seem to work try running uninstall a few times, then run the install again.

    There are known problems when using RB2 DLC when loading the game with a USB Loader. The only verified solution is the newest uLoader cIOS 223 (IOS37 base). Official uLoader Thread. Along with any USB Loader updated to work with that new cIOS. You can also take advantage of the NAND emulation in uLoader and save all your DLC to a virtual NAND on the USB hard drive.

    For best results you need a real retail disc or hardware mod chip. Any full softmods and cIOSCorp can have varying results and I probably cannot help you. You also need to have the most recent shop channel installed.

    Rock Band 2 DOES NOT work with SDHC cards, you must use a standard SD Card (typically 2GB or smaller). TBRB & GH5 work with SDHC Cards.

    For RB2 you need to patch IOS 37
    For TBRB & GH5 you need to patch IOS 56
    For DJ Hero you need to patch IOS 55

    For best results all needed IOS should be the newest versions, but patched for fake-signing.

    You can find a pre-made patched wad or dol installer file, or my fav is to just use DOP-Mii: DOP-Mii - WiiBrew

    How to use Dop-IOS Mod (now known as DOP-Mii)
    Read the section about "Patching System Menu IOS" and patch any IOS you want the same way. You should read the entire guide so you understand it better, and pay attention to all the warnings. DOP-Mii can be dangerous if you install or delete the wrong things.

    Comments about NAND Emulation
    Tested both with GH5 and RB2, both working to load DLC from an emulated NAND.
    I am using an old 2.5" 80GB SATA laptop hard drive, 7200RPM. Connected with a SATA-to-USB adaptor and power supply.
    I got some game lockups on a 3.5" 120GB SATA drive that I tried using. I found the 2.5" is quieter and works better.

    Having DLC installed on an SD that is in while the game loads up may cause problems. The best solution is to remove the SD card so the game only has the choice of using the emulated NAND for storage.

    Guitar Hero 5:
    Game loads within 1 minute.
    Music store takes a while to load, seems to freeze at one point but just be patient.
    You can download new DLC right to the emulated NAND. *May Now Be Broken*
    Game seems to run OK.

    Rock Band 2:
    Game took about 8 minutes total to get to main screen.
    - Approx 3 minutes on white background with drummer loading screen
    - Approx 5 minutes on Loading... screen with red background.
    Music store takes a while to load.
    You can download new DLC right to the emulated NAND. *May Now Be Broken*
    Everything in the music store takes a long time, even when you leave it.
    Game seems to run OK.

    ALL DLC Links were removed due to forum rules.
    The PC Tools have been updated so the RB2 wad links are not needed anymore.
    Guitar Hero PC Tools also available now.

    Download Updated PC Tools Here - v1.3
    Updated 8/7/10 - RB2 Gen5 and new version of menu system

    This will only decrypt whats on the NUS server as of when I made this pack.
    The ticket file will not change but you need to update your TMD file.
    Use the new menu system to do this for any of the titles still being updated.

    Now you can also update the list.txt automatically right from the menu.

    The RB2_DLC_Manager DOES NOT work properly with the PAL folders. You can use it to browse the files by renaming the DLC folders to have an "E" on the end instead of a "P". If anyone knows how to get in contact with the author I would like the source code so it can be updated. I sent a PM on the gamespot forums a while back but did not get a response.

    I do not have time to test and figure out every little problem people somehow create with these tools, DLC loading or NAND emulation. I did some basic testing on my end and everything works fine. My theory is that most problems are from messed up Wii's from too much messing around with the IOS not knowing what you are doing. Feel free to help each other but do not expect me to reply to every little problem unless I know something about it.

    Copy / Paste the links into thew address bar to download the files. If you need to ask how to do that then you should not be allowed on the internet.

    Rock Band 2:
    link removed

    Guitar Hero:
    link removed

    Make sure your Shop Channel is up to date!
    Use Dop-SHOP or DOP-Mii

    Please post feedback, comments, suggestions, etc...
    Or I might just get bored of this and stop working on it.

    I did not "create" most of these tools at all. All props go to HairyBallsagna. All I did was repackage it for the new stuff using the tools already there. I added the tmd-to-list.exe to generate the list.txt files.
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    Updated 2/1/10 for Guitar Hero PAL wad files.

    sXFP and sXGP added

    Thanks cookied for the tickets!

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    Thanks !!!! I'm gonna try the BH and SH imports, GH5 DLC was already working on my PAL Wii (and PAL game)

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    Crap... Now i get an error ret=-1 when I try to laucnh WAD Manager AND OneUp DLC Installer.....

    The only thing I did before is to move the DLC that whas on my Wii Internal Memory, to my SD Card. And now i can't install the WADs :/

    What does this error means ??? This is the first time I see it... Maybe it's because i changed my SD card last week ? (8 Gb instead of 2)

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    You have a SDHC now, make sure you have at least wad manager 1.4, one of the newer versions it started supporting SDHC cards. Make sure you have a patched (or old) IOS it can run off also.

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    "Make sure you have a patched (or old) IOS it can run off also."

    My english is not very good, what does it exactly means ? Where can I see which IOS I need ? Where can I find it ?

    EDIT : BTW i just checked, and i have WAD Manager 1.5, the default IOS is set to IOS 249 when I run WAD Manager.
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    If you are having that much trouble with Wad Manager please start a new thread. Or look at some of the tutorial threads about getting HBB and wad manager installed.

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    Ok, I'll do that

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    now someone just needs to figure out how to trick the wii into thinking the USB slot is the SD card slot so we can store all the DLC on a hard drive.

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    Fixed sxap works perfectly, thank you very much.

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