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Thread: [soft mod and hard mod]wiiware wads don't work for you or just reboots your console?

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    [soft mod and hard mod]wiiware wads don't work for you or just reboots your console?

    if wiiware wads dont work for you try this made by chaunceez your good tut guy

    must have hdd or sd

    1.HBC (with wad manager)/wad manager channel
    2.Download ios38 53 and 55
    3.install them
    4.restart your wii the game that just reboots your console or it dont work
    6.It should play just fine
    7.have fun and say thanks

    here is where i got the ios' from
    on where the htm is theres a space delate that space when you copy paste the link!
    tut by chaunceez your only hope for good tuts
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    i gotz a soft mod wii,flashed 360 a hackz psp and a lost dsi with ak2i did all of them my self but i had help with the xbox!death screens help error 002 fix and green screen

    wads reboot your system

    what is a death screen? i call them death screens coz they ugly and horrible click on error if you get green or error screen and click on wads if wads reboot your system

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    site link is broken.

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    You're back at it again I see. Lmao


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