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Thread: Missing option 002 fix in Neogamma R8 beta 7

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    Question Missing option 002 fix in Neogamma R8 beta 7

    Well I followed the tutorial for the Homebrew install on 4.2u but I can not play the Sports Resort because the option for 002 fix is missing from the config. I was able to play the WII motion video using the play.dol but all I get is a green screen which indicates I need the 002 fix option. How can I get this option installed?

    Please delete this post.. system froze up and when I refreshed it posted twice.
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    is it auto fix like r7?

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    I honestly don't know.. this is the first time ever soft modding. And all the game how to run all said to use auto fix.. but the option did not exist for me and I still get green screen.


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