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    Zak & Wiki

    Zak & Wiki is a game that I recommend to EVERYONE. While younger kids may have a hard time with some of the puzzles, adults will have no problem picking up the controller and helping out...the only problem will be getting them to put the controllers down again.

    The controls are spot on and fun (turning the remote sideways and thrusting it forward and back to mimic a saw), the pace is not rushed, the characters are likeable, the puzzles are hard (but never impossible) and the music was better than most.

    This gem is a little known hit from 2007, scour through Gamestop or wherever you pick up your older games, because you my friend, are missing out.

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    I concur! Zak & Wiki is a gem!!!
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    this game became more and more harder at the and but it promote the quick and critical thinking which i recommend to all the young ones!!!!

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    Would this still be fun for just adults, or primary focus is for kiddies?


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    I would say some puzzles (especially in the later parts of the game) get a bit too tough for younger children. IMHO this game is still very fun for adults. Don't let the characters and art style fool you. I recommend this game to everyone I know.

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    Id second what FerociousMonk said It's a great game and quite challenging too, you won't be dissappointed picking this up thats for sure.


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