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Thread: What region games will work on 4.2 firmware

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    What region games will work on 4.2 firmware

    Before I new what I was doing, I updated to 4.2 on my wii. My wode won't play pal games right now so I was wondering if it was because of my firmware or because of the wode. If it's the firmware is there any way to downgrade to an earlier version? What region games can I use if I can't downgrade?

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    Have you tried setting WODE to PAL mode?
    Is your Wii NTSC?
    Have you updated WODE to the latest version?

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    WODE wil not play import games .... AFAIK no modchip will ... you need to softmod

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    When Nintendo released 4.2 firmware they changed the way the Wii looks for region information. Before it was possible to fool the Wii. That is now not possible.

    WODE does nothing to the firmware of a Wii. It is purely an emulator that mimics a DVD drive via a hard disk drive.

    So if your Wii is 4.2 you will only be able to play your own region games using the WODE as is.

    However with minimal soft moding - Installing HBC and Gecko OS via the HBC it is possible to play out of region games.

    This state of affairs is a Wii (Ninty) issue and not a mode chip or WODE issue.


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