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Thread: Play Movies from xternal

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    Question Play Movies from xternal

    Hi. I have a 250gig external hard drive with 2 partitions. I already use one to play wii backups with uloader. I was wondering it if is possible to put mp4 videos on the other partition and play them from the hard drive on the wii. So, is it?

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    Not sure about mp4 as I've never tried them but the Wii will play avi without issues using Mplayer CE.
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    mp4 works for me under GeexBox, havent tried under Mplayer yet though.
    And yes you can use the other partition to play the movies. I have a 1TB with wbfs, fat32, and NTFS. I hear that you have to use fat32 to play videos, but geexbox and the current version of Mplayer seems to play them from either, without any problems...
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    i have two partitions on my ntfs usb hdd - only the first partition is seen by mplayer ce.
    how do i get it to see both partitions? thanks.


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