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Thread: Is this a good deal????What should I do???

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    Question Is this a good deal????What should I do???

    So I got a D2C solderless D2cKey. It shorted out or it had a loose solder point. I don't know. So I contacted my guy and he sent a new one, A D2Pro9, o0o0o0o0o0o. So I thought I would just slap it on play some wii mario kart with my bro before he went back to college. But it just has the the red light and the drive doesn't work, all is well when I take it off. And I know, I know, I have to short the CLK and solder the wire from the J point. But I don't know how to solder. My guy wants to send me a D2Sun, pssssh, is that a good deal???? Or would a new D2Pro9 work???? Sorry for the long thread but I am torn. Please any help would be great!


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    stick with the d2pro 9
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    yes stick with the d2pro9 get someone to solder it for you look in the marketplace section there are many proffesional modchip installers there

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    yeah why settle for something that you don't know if it has support downthe road.


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