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Thread: Few questions (modchip, backups, laser)

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    Few questions (modchip, backups, laser)

    Hi all,

    This is my first post. My serial number is LU57689359 4 and I ordered "D2PROCLIP D2Pro9 rev 3 + WiiClip V4C-2 presoldered" I hope it's the right one for my Wii, is it? Is there anything to solder at all? By reading from differents websites, It's getting a little confusing.

    About backups, I heard some Wii will work or not with different media brand, Verbatim, Sony, Fujifilm, memorex etc.. I remember when I hacked my Xbox 360, I tried like a dozens of times.. nothing was working until I heard about BOOSTING the laser. So, can this be the problem with the Wii? Can we boost the laser a little? Do you know how? Thank you!

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    When did you purchase the Wii? You can use the following thread to determine your Wii drive chip and thus the moschip you can use.

    No idea about the laser boost.

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