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Thread: Game Stops Reading Disk

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    Game Stops Reading Disk

    So on some of my burned games, When the game goes into a cut scene, or has to load from the disk it is giving me an error in regards to the disk... something to the effect of "unable to read wii disk, please refer to guide for problems". If I eject it, is says please insert game disk, and put it in it works fine again... I can do this... but it is really annoying to keep having to do so. Any suggestions?

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    Lens cleaning, keep disks clean (no scratches or finger marks - if there are re-copy the disk onto newer cleaner media), use good DVDR media to start with.

    Lasers do wear out though, they do not last forever, get a USB HDD and remove yourself of DVDR problems
    Please remember your manners - say Thank You if someone helped , it doesn't hurt

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