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Thread: Wii Mote not Working

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    Wii Mote not Working

    So far the wii remote has worked with all of my backup games except for Medal of Honor Heroes 2. I use NeoGamma r8 b15 and the game works but when i try to press a button the blue lights on the wii mote just blink and doesn't connect to the wii. This might just be the game not working because when i use it with my backup of CoD WaW it works.

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    apparently th wiimote loses the sync for some reason... what cios do you have?

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    I have cIOS rev 14

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    does the game load??

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    I learned that MOH H2 is one of the few (less then a dozen) wii games that does this. If anyone wants to know you have to use the alt dol. There is a guide to do it here Also there is a list of working games for the wii here
    yes it does load


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