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Thread: Anyone Know Japanese?

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    Anyone Know Japanese?

    Hi guys, Noob with a first post here

    I am afraid I also have some questions.

    I have a Wii from Singapore, it works pretty well with the games I have... But I just tried playing a USA NTSC game.

    No Luck.

    I have no idea what chip is inside.
    Attached is the error I get, I can recognize one word in there and it is OFF.
    So I guess the backups are not working.....

    Anyone have any suggestions for me?
    Do I need a new burner or new discs?

    I am using Nero, Sony -R disks and a Sony DVD writer.

    I welcome all suggestions...
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    It would be helpful if you knew the chip inside. You can check using your wii serial number and date of original purchase (When purchased new) of the wii and determine the drive type which may give some clues but May be ask person from whom bought the Wii or open it up and see.

    Actually it may something like, "unable to read disc, please turn OFF the Wii and read the Manual" or something like that.

    Also use IMGBurn to burn the DVD and try burning again at 4x speed.

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    the katakana part says "error... eject button... disk.... power button OFF..."
    and perhaps follows with "please read manual book"


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