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Thread: Help! Im Taking serious brain damage

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    Help! Im Taking serious brain damage

    Ive tried to install this thing for like 1 week, and i succeed,
    I have modded wii but I installed the homebrew channel with the twilight hack.
    After i installed the homebrew channel using twilight hack, ive tried to run the channel, when i click on start, its saying something with SD card and just poping out, all is staying is a globe picture in the right lower corner and another cat symbol near it, and bubles keep going p, ive left it for like 1 - 2 hours, and nothing happans, AND, I do have a wireless internet connection, and i shutdown all the Downloading and uploading programs for this,

    Nothing Happans! can someone help please?

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    Homebrew channel by itself doesn't do anything, it is there to run homebrew apps/games via SD card. You should read the following guide.

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    get channel of wii and twiligth hack and folders of sd card and download this- Wii Brew - For All Your Wii Needs. Wii Homebrew News Wii Saved Games Wii Downloads

    and for 3.3 go to the homepage in the link and take a look at it


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