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Thread: Can I know my modchip whitout disassembling?

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    Can I know my modchip whitout disassembling?

    I know this has been posted lots of times, but I believe with some info, somebody with good knowledge on modchips should be able to answer.

    So, my modchip never had any problems, it plays NTSC and PAL gamecube games(never tested J games). Runs my original SSBB perfectly and also my DVD-9 Metroid Prime Trilogy Backup. It does not recognize discs of either New Super Mario Bros or Tatsunoko vs Capcom.
    I've installed Neogamma, but it's not reading Tatsunoko either.
    And yesterday I used the tutorials here on wiihacks to softmod my friend 4.2U wii. I want to do the same with mine, but i'm afraid it will brick if I update it to 4.2.

    What should I do?

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    Use a different guide that reflects the version your Wii uses, avoid 4.2 as it will cripple your modchip's region breaking features.

    And no you cannot tell which chip you have unless you open it. There are far too many modchips, each with their own discs and methods to activate that you could spend days trying to figure it out. Only Superman can tell which modchip you have without cracking the case open.
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    Ok, i'm going to do it in a couple of hours and will post the results.

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    Used the softmod guide for 3.1-4.1 and it worked =)
    many thanks


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