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Thread: dumping dvd's with WiiFlow??

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    dumping dvd's with WiiFlow??

    Hi Forum,

    Since a few days, I use WiiFlow (as a separate channel; on SD), to play games from a HDD.
    I have however quite a few burnt (burned?) games dating from the time I did not have WiiFlow. All of them are patched with WiiBrickBlocker.

    AFAIK there's no "copy" button in WiiFlow to copy a DVD.
    Also starting WiiFlow with a DVD in the Wii, does not enable WiiFlow to copy that DVD to HDD directly.

    My (perhaps noob) question is: How can I dump, or copy these game-DVD's directly to my HDD

    (I know I can download all the ISO's again, and put them on HDD with WBFS manager, but that's lots of work )

    Thx, FastFolkert

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    Your going to have to copy all your games to pc then your ext hdd.
    To do this Use Wii backup manager and install this on your pc, then use WBFS manager to install the iso's to your ext hdd.

    And yes it is a lot of work if youve got alot of games, but when its done its done

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    Thx; yes I knew that.

    I had hoped WiiFlow had the option to directly dump burnt DVD's to the USB HDD. Apparently this function is not available within WiiFlow.

    Rgds, FF

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    It does, go into the config menu , 2nd or 3rd page and there is the install game button.

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    Thx, didn't know that!

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