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Thread: Game Cube ISOs on WII

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    Question Game Cube ISOs on WII

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, and got myself a softmodded Wii with 4.2E. I was playing one of my old GC games on my Wii, when it occured to me - is it possible to play GC ISOs on Wii either by USB or with Neogamma(Burnt DVD) I tried to copy a GC ISO on my Drive which I use for my Wii ISOs,(with WBFS manager 3.0) and after the copying was complete the game wasn't in the list! So, do I need to simply burn the ISO to DVD? Does the DVD have to be small like the original ones? Or can I simply use a different program to copy it to my USB? Thanks, Peter.

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    GC games won't work on USB as the Wii shuts down the USB when it goes into Gamecube mode. You'll need to burn them, use MIOS and Neogamma or Gamecube Launcher. I believe there are guides for it on here, never bothered myself as my modchip does that for me.
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    is their someway to trick the wii into thinking that the usb is off but is really on? so i know only 1 way to play gamecube games that is not on a Disc and that is if you play it through the memory card slot. i found a tutorial online that adds a SD card to a regular gamecube memory card , now what if we could instead of making it a SD card, we make it a USB? and then we could just simply plug in our usb to the memory card slot. ill post the link of the pin layout.

    Simon van de Berg - Nintendo GameCube Homebrew Webpage

    edit: here is the one for the USB
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