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Thread: Neogamma r8 wont load any game

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    Neogamma r8 wont load any game

    Hello everyone, this is my fifrst thread.

    I have played New super mario wii for some days in december but than i installed a little update i had to do, i dont know what it was, i already had 4.2u wii w/ wiikey before the update. it was something small. than, when i wanted to play new super amrio again my negoamma wouldnt start, it stopped on a black screen, with or without the game. I had negoamma r8 beta14. So i've been looking for solutions since december and i still coudlnt find a solution. i reinstalled hbc, negoamma r8 betas 13,14,15 and 17 and neogamma r7, but none will even just gives me a black screen

    I did it! finally solved it... for those who are having the same problem: go to this topic and do the whole part B all over again, that's because the update i did rought back the old ios249, so i had to delete it again and put the 38 again...

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