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Thread: Showing Wii covers in uLoader

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    Showing Wii covers in uLoader

    I use uLoader CFG to play Wii games directly from a hard disk. For this I have uLoader 2009 Hermes Waninkoko (?) configured and all is working well. For some games, however, the game cover is not shown, they cannot be downloaded from the internet for some reason. So, I added a file in the SD card called 'covers' in which I've put the manually downloaded covers, saved in PNG format. The strange thing is, that these covers are not recognized, except for one ('Metal Slugs'). I cannot figure out why my covers are not recognized, except for this one. They have identically the same name as the games to which the must be attached, what am I doing wrong?

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    uloader is not one of the most popular loaders, thats possibly the problem. I would try wiiflow or cfc usb loader instead.

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    Thank you Wiimaster! I followed your advice and downloaded and installed Wiiflow. Peace of cake, and all the artwork is properly connected to the games. Wiiflow has a stylish design and looks prettier than uLoader CGG.
    Thanks for the tip, thread closed.


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