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Thread: Problem games (both USB and DVD method)

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    Question Problem games (both USB and DVD method)

    Can't get to work the following games:

    Wii Music
    Wii Sports
    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    My settings:
    Softmodded running sysmenu 4.2
    IOS38 Rev17
    IOS 202(38+60)
    IOS 222(38) Rev 4
    IOS 223(38+37)

    Can anyone tell me what could be causing these games to hang at boot?

    I have tried several methods, downgrading sysmenu, upgrading IOSes/downgrading etc...nothing has worked

    Any ideas anyone?

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    You cant run Wii Music because it neads to be patched.If Wii Sports is actually Wii Sports Resort,that game also needs to bee patched.Check the link:

    Hope it helps!


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    Wii Music was working before, I does not need to be patched, it doesn't use any USB instruments as stated on the link you provided. As far as Wii Sports, is the original game, I know ""Resort has lots of issues and I will deal with those later but in the mean time, Wii Music, Sports and Animal Crossing: City Folk, all three hang at boot.

    Anyone else has a better solution?

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    Wii Sports definately works (PAL).

    What system are you PAL or NTSC?.

    Is the game you are using downloaded or ripped from original.

    I use IOS222(38+37) & error2 anti as global. My USB HD is WBFS.

    All those games you listed work, mine are rips.

    Try using your IOS223 as global (or set it at game load if you can`t) and set error2 as anti.

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    Thanks, I'll try that.

    I'll let you know if it worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldo76 View Post
    Thanks, I'll try that.

    I'll let you know if it worked.

    I found out what was wrong with my setup, nothing, LOL

    I downloaded the ISOs again and now all of them work like a charm, however, I must say, I did select IOS223 for all 3 problem games and they work, I'm not sure if they will work with the other IOSes but one thing is for certain, they all work w/ 223, thanks again Arnie25, you saved the day, somewhat,



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