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Thread: Super Monkey Ball

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    Thumbs up Super Monkey Ball

    No one else has posted I guess this will be my first.

    We have kids (10 and 4.5) who love to play the lego games together. Can be a little challenging, but they are designed to allow the older or better player help the other out. Great concept.

    Also, the Super Monkey Ball for Xbux is great, so I'm sure it would be similar on the Wii.

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    super monkey ball on the wii is a GREAT game, i love it.. they did a great job.. although some levels might be very challenging for the younger players, but they will love the first few levels

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    Nevermind being challenging for the younger players...I find myself getting frustrated when I play this my kids kick my ass hahaha
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    I actually think its good for our children to see the grownups not afraid of appearing silly playing a Wii game (badly). The singing and dancing games are especially fun for the kids to see their mother and aunt as something more than extremely accomplished professional women. Our kids really enjoy that their Mom and Aunt still play toys and games and not to take the games or ourselves too seriously.

    I'm glad to hear you take the time to play and lose to your kids-good for you. Your kids will remember that when they are grown-up; I do of my Mom and my own Aunt.

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    LOL yea it just sucks when an 8 and 7 year old lauph at me when I play...that's when you know you're old!
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    LOL this is the reason why I love the Wii. If you want fun games wii kicks ps3 and xbox ass. But if u want hardcore go for ps3 and xbox and no it doesn't kick wii ass lol hahah

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    I love super monkey ball! My little brother has it and I love nothing better than sitting down and kicking his butt! Lots of hours of fun and I even got my boyfriend into it (he usually hates these kind of games.)

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    Hahaha I must be old. Never thought I would agree that it's funny to act daft on the Wii with the kid!

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    We have a blast playing this among others. My 3 1/2 yr old shows me up on a few different ones. =). I think it is great and helps them to develop the skills they are going to need in our tech future. As Gen3sf stated he loves watching us act a fool on the singing games also, plus we have a video we will cherish forever of him singing and dancing around the living room!
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    How can I add another player to this game? I tried so many times and still have no clue. Thanks

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