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Thread: Error: Please turn off Wii...

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    Error: Please turn off Wii...

    Hey, I burned Rock Band Track Pack 1 onto a disk. I did the whole WiiPatcher and Trucha Signer thing, and I get the message "Please remove game and restart Wii." Any help?

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    If your has been updated to 3.3 then you will need GeckoOS to load the disc.

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    No, mine I haven't updated mine yet. I'll have to check what version I have. I'm running a CycloWiz but I haven't updated it since my uncle modded it. He forgot the switch for it to go to Programmer's mode so I can't update. Should I update my CycloWiz and see what happens?

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    NEVER update whit cyclowizz if there is a cd in the wii i had a copy in my wii and updated and if i play that game it says: cant read the cd please turn off the wii and read the manual

    so can somewhan help me to whit that problem


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