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Thread: How to Partition USB HDD on Mac OS X

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    How to Partition USB HDD on Mac OS X

    This tutorial shows how to partition your hdd on OS X. This was done on a OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

    First thing's first. Plug in your Device.

    You'll now need to open Disk Utility. Go to 'Applications' then Utilities. Disk Utility should be there.

    Your device should appear in disk utilitity. Select it.

    Now select the 'Partition' Tab.

    Your device should look like this:

    You should see it currently has one partition. Under volume scheme, select 2 partitions.

    You can resize the partitions by dragging the space between the two partitions.

    Though mine was FAT by default, make sure to set the format for the one you want to use for USB Loader to Free Space.

    Select Apply. It should begin to Partition.

    Unfortunately, before you can use WBFS Manager for OS X, you have to use your wii to format it to WBFS. Just install a USB Loader, plug in your HDD and launch your HDD. It should format it.
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    Thanks! Will give this a try later tonight.

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    I followed all of the instructions and Usb Loader Gx does not show the free space partition as an option to be formated. It only shows the FAT partition as an option and when I formated that and installed a game onto it, when i try to start the game it says "fs error: bad magic" and probably nb before that but I am only guessing. I have to turn off the Wii after it shows that error. I am also able to load the disk images and covers easily and the game is New Super Mario Bros Wii. My Wii is upgraded to 4.2u and i used bannerbomb to hack it.
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    What worked for me

    I am using Mac OS X 10.6 too, and have Wii 4.2U. I couldn't get USB Loader GX to work to format my drive. I was able to get the Free Space partition formatted to WBFS using Configurable USB Loader, which was easy to install onto an SD card and then run using the Homebrew Channel.

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