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Thread: Which Chip?

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    Which Chip?

    I have just bought a new wii, serial number LEH19087964, version 3.1. I am looking to chip it so i can back up my games. However there are so many chips out there i have no idea which one to choose.
    Can you please point me in the right direction of which chip to buy, i preferably want one that i don't need to solder. I understand how to get in to the wii and have so far bought a tri wing screwdriver, but could do with some sort of tutorial of how to fit the chip when i eventually get the right one.
    Oh by the way i'm from the UK so a site that ships here would be good.
    Thank you in advance, apologies for the huge message.

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    D2pro9 solderless would be the closest option that would best meet your needs. If however, you need to solder the 1 wire to get it going, you can chose the solderless wasabi 2 also.

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    first go to
    The invitation token is 'wiihacks'.
    Then type in ur wii serial number, then it will tell u what type of chipset u have. Look at my Ultimate Modchip Guide to see what chip u need.
    I am the SSBB master...


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