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Thread: Neogamma + Mario Bros wii ??

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    Neogamma + Mario Bros wii ??

    i have neogamma r8, it works perfect! except for new super mario bros wii when i click load game, it returned back to the wii menu. can someone help me please?

    thank you

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    look at dave pm's guide on this game. a link is in the you failed to search link in my signature

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    thank you for the realy(!) fast response i'll take a look

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    so i'm at step 6 from davepm's guide, but i don't understand what to do.
    if i open ppf-o-matic (that's the ppf-patcher right?) i see

    ISO File and Patch. No 'input' and 'region'

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    Please keep all nsmb post in the guide by dave pm to avoid clutter on the site. Thank you!


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