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Thread: Playing Gamecube Backups From Disc

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    Playing Gamecube Backups From Disc

    Play GameCube Backups on your Wii

    Do not follow this guide if -
    1. Your Wii is hard modded and you want to retain playing retail and backup Gamecube games from the disc channel.
    2. Your Wii is not capable of playing backup games from disc. Easy test: In the latest NeoGamma, remove disc from the drive and select launch game from disc. You will get a read error. If it doesn't say anything about your drive, then it should capable of playing backups.

    This guide is for a soft modded Wii, if your Wii is not soft modded then get it soft modded - Softmod Guide - mauifrog.

    There is no loading of Gamecube backups, with a usb device, on a Wii that has only been softmodded.

    There have been advancements with DIOS-MIOS lite, it is now possible to load Gamecube backups from an SD card. DML is in the early stages and still kind of buggy. DML is great for Wii's that cannot load backup discs, this gives the opportunity for those people to play GC backups. Currently, loading from backup disc hold better game compatibility. If you are interested in DML then look at this thread - Installing the DML compatible cMIOS may break playing GC backups from disc, if that happens and you want to play a GC backup from disc, then you may need to reinstall the cMIOS for playing disc backups.



    I have compiled a package of Game Cube apps that you will need for this process.
    In this package is -

    1. cMIOSWiiGator - used to install the cMIOS
    2. NUSD - used to download the MIOS
    3. NeoGammaR9beta56 fixed - Used to boot Wii and Gamecube games
    4. NeoGamma forwarder - DFNG - Forwarder to boot Neogamma from the Wii menu
    5. MultiGameISO Creator 3.5.4F+ - creates a multi ISO Gamecube disc
    6. IMGburn - to burn your Wii and GC backups
    7. wiped_gcm_fixer_v1.5f.rar - used to patch shrunken ISO's for a multiISO game disc
    8. GC-Tool - a type of WiiScrubber for GC images

    I recommend using a 2GB Sandisc SD card.

    [SPOILER="other downloads"]

    hjsplit - for joining files with extentions .001 .002 .003 etc.....


    Neogamma IOS Switcher - change the IOS that neogamma boots games with.

    ---------------------------------------------, wiibrew
    Ctr-Gcs : DacoTaco Edition is a tool built to create or restore full, raw memory card backups and GCI save files just like the GC application Ctr-gcs did. These dumps can be saved to restore later or be used in emulators like Dolphin-emu. Unlike ctr-gcs however, this utility can read or write to unofficial memory cards; no matter what its size is.

    The program will read & write the dump to the SD card (in the ctr-gcs folder) as card_dump.raw

    Also please note that if you restore a corrupt dump to a memory card, or if the program shows an error while creating or restoring a dump, you may end up with a corrupted memory card.



    Install the cMIOS
    1. Mauifrog's guide to Softmod any Wii does install this cMIOS, if you used that guide to softmod your Wii, then you already have this cMIOS installed, you do not need to install it again.
    2. Installing this cMIOS will overwrite any MIOS/cMIOS you have already installed.
    3. Neogamma Internal mode currently does not support Waninkoko's cMIOS, install this cMIOS.
    4. First you need to download the MIOS with NUS Downloader. Download MIOSv10, dont forget to check the box that says "pack wad". If you don't know how to use NUS Downloader the look here - NUS downloader
    5. Place the RVL-mios-v10.wad on the root of the SD card (do not place in the wad folder)
    6. Unzip the cMIOSWiiGator archive, copy the cMIOSWiiGator folder to the apps folder of your SD card. Run this in the homebrew channel, don't for get to use IOS236 to do the installing. Select YES for both of the settings before installing. I can confirm the SD card and Download from NUSD methods of installing. USB install is possible but I did not test that, so I cannot confirm if it works, so don't ask about it. If you get usb install working then good, if you can't then use the SD card to do it.
    [SPOILER="cMIOSv10 vs. cMIOSv4"]
    It seems that WiiPower has changed his mind on which cMIOS to ues.
    I changed my mind after:
    - i have seen that my debug output when using patched MIOS also works with v10
    - i realised that MIOS does not apply patches when i boot games the "normal" way, i mean the regular way i boot games with the internal loader
    - i added a patch to still allow using Action Replay retail disc



    [SPOILER="NeoGamma's different GC modes"]The NeoGamma gamecube modes allow to change NeoGamma's behaviour when booting gamecube discs.

    Gamecube Mode:
    'MIOS' is the old behavior, it just starts the MIOS if a GC disc is inserted.
    'internal' starts the included GC Backup Launcher from WiiGator(requires compatible cMIOS).
    'external' starts an GC homebrew .dol from storage.

    taken from the Neogamma r9 b49 fixed readme

    1. Unzip the NeoGammaR9beta47 archive to the root of your SD card. You may discard the "source" folder, unless that kind of stuff interests you. You now have Neogamma installed to the SD card. Do not change the names of any of the folders.
    2. Unzip the NeoGamma forwarder - DFNG archive and copy the NeoGamma Loader - DFNG.wad to the wad folder of your SD card. Use WadManager to install this wad. You will now have a NeoGamma forwarder that boots Neogamma from the SD card. IOS35 is needed to run the forwarder, if it don't work then install IOS35.

    Usage (applies to GameCube games)
    1. Select options, then select General Options.
    2. Set the Save Config to YES, then select Return to Menu
    3. Select GC Options, Set the GC Mode to Internal
    4. Set the Force Video to Disc. Unless it's an out of region disc, the select your preference. If you are using component cables then Force Video to disc may not work, use what ever seting works.
    5. Return to the Main Menu of NeoGamma and Launch Game.
    6. If your games fails to launch, you may have to play around with the GC settings, also check the compatibility list, link posted below.
    7. leave the GC mode set to internal, try adjusting the rebooter first, then try the High plugin or debug. If you have color issues then change the Patch Video.

    [SPOILER="List of achieved improvements for GC loading with NeoGamma:"](improvements over WiiGator's loader)
    • Play retail GC discs
    • Play retail "problem games" like Eternal Darkness, Starfox Adventures and Zelda Ocarina of Time
    • Ocarina/Wiird on retail GC discs
    • Select which game to boot from multi game discs in wii mode(NeoGamma itself)
    • Autodetection for 2nd disc on multi game discs
    • Increased speed for the reloader(setting: fast, forced is as slow as before but has a better compatibility)
    • The reloader always stays active now
    • Optional alternative Audio Status Request handling(gets Ikaruga to work)
    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="IGN top 25 Gamecube games"]
    1. Metroid Prime
    2. Resident Evil 4
    3. Super Smash Bros Melee
    4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    5. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
    6. Pikmin 2
    7. F Zero GX
    8. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    9. Super Mario Sunshine
    10. Wave Race: Blue Storm
    11. Animal Crossing
    12. Beyond Good & Evil
    13. Resident Evil
    14. Soulcalibur 2
    15. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
    16. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
    17. Viewtiful Joe
    18. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
    19. Timesplitters 2
    20. Killer 7
    21. Super Monkey Ball 2
    22. Battalion Wars
    23. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
    24. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
    25. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

    IGN list here[/SPOILER][SPOILER="Best Selling GC Games"]The 26 Nintendo GameCube games that have sold or shipped at least one million copies.
    1. Super Smash Bros. Melee (7.09 million)
    2. Mario Kart: Double Dash (7 million approximately)
    3. Super Mario Sunshine (5.9 million)
    4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (4.3 million)
    5. Luigi's Mansion (2.639 million approximately: 2.19 million in US, 348,918 in Japan, 100,000 in UK)
    6. Animal Crossing (2.321 million approximately: 1.68 million in US, 641,300 in Japan)
    7. Mario Party 4 (2.003 million approximately: 1.1 million in US, 902,827 in Japan)
    8. Metroid Prime (2 million)
    9. Mario Party 7 (1.86 million)
    10. Pokémon Colosseum (1.806 million approximately: 1.15 million in US, 656,270 in Japan)
    11. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (1.732 million approximately: 1.44 million in US, 192,186 in Japan,100,000 in UK)
    12. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (1.64 million approximately: 1.23 million in US, 409,600 in Japan)
    13. Resident Evil 4 (1.6 million)
    14. Mario Party 5 (1.505 million approximately: 807,331 in US, 697,462 in Japan)
    15. Sonic Mega Collection (1.453 million approximately: 1.38 million in US, 72,967 in Japan)
    16. Resident Evil (1.35 million)
    17. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (1.32 million)
    18. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (1.25 million)
    19. Resident Evil Zero (1.25 million)
    20. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (1.223 million approximately: 1.03 million in US, 192,802 in Japan)
    21. Super Mario Strikers (1.2 million)
    22. Pikmin (1.18 million approximately: 680,000 in US, 507,011 in Japan)
    23. Kirby Air Ride (1.172 million approximately: 750,000 in US, 422,311 in Japan)
    24. Soulcalibur II (1.099 approximately: 1 million in US, 99,256 in Japan)
    25. Star Fox Adventures (1.06 million approximately: 800,000 in US, 259,069 in Japan)
    26. Mario Party 6 (1 million)

      List of best-selling Nintendo GameCube video games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Compatibility List
    links to GBAtemp

    Softmodded Wii's using a backup launcher

    Gamecube Backup Launcher Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    Hardmodded Wii's
    GCOS Gamecube Compatibility List - WikiTemp


    WiiHacks own compatibility list to DIOS-MIOS lite


    Ripping Retail Gamecube Discs

    You will need HBC 1.0.8 and IOS58 (v6176) installed - Download CleanRip

    CleanRip will rip Wii/GC games to a FAT/NTFS storage device (SD or USB). I recommend a FAT32 USB memory stick larger in size than the ISO you are ripping. The author of CleanRip says there may be a chance to corrupt existing data on the storage device. Just install CleanRip on your SD card and run from HBC, follow the on screen prompts, simple and easy. When the process is complete you should have a 1.35 GB gamecube ISO on your storage device, ready to burn to disc.


    Burning GameCube Backup Discs

    I have included an app that lets you create GC multiISO discs. It is pretty
    straight forward and easy to use. It will let you create a GC disc with
    multiple games on it. You can leave the images as is or shrink them to get
    more games on a disc. Be warned, not all games work correctly from
    a multiISO game disc.

    If creating a MultiISO image with shrunken ISO's
    1. first shrink the images (ISO's)
    2. use "fstfix t" on all shrunken images (Wiped GCM Fixer 1.5F also callled Fstfix 1.5F)
    3. now create the multiISO image (ISO)

    [SPOILER="A more detailed guide for shrunken ISO's"]
    You only need to do the following guide if shrinking the ISO's

    1. launch the multigame ISO creator 3.5.4f+
    2. select the region of the ISO to be created (USA, PAL, JAP), I am not sure if this will patch an out of region ISO, always use an ISO of the region of your Wii.
    3. select the games to be placed in the multigame ISO, using the "Add ISO" button
    4. check the shrink box for each game
    5. look at the disc icon in the lower left corner, if the ISO is larger than 4.37GB then remove one of the games from the project
    6. now create the image
    7. after the images have been shrunken, there will be a prompt to delete the shrunken images, select NO
    8. exit the multigame ISO creator

    9. you will now notice that a folder named "Compressed Images" and the multigame ISO have been created.
    10. delete the multigame ISO that was created, you need to run FSTFIX on the compressed images.

    11. copy the "wiped_gcm_fixer_v1.5f" archive (from the download) to the "Compressed Images" folder, right click the archive and select extract here (you will need wirRAR or simular program installed)
    12. drag and drop a compressed GC ISO on the FSTFIX application and wait for it to complete the process, the FSTFIX dialog box will disappear when completed, and your ISO will be fixed for a multigame ISO.
    13. repeat step 12 for each compressed ISO to be added to the multigame ISO.
    14. now lauch the multigame ISO creator again and load the compresses ISO images from the Compressed Images folder.
    15. once the images are loaded, select the region of the ISO you are creating, no need to compress the images (ther're already compressed), now click the "Create MultiGame ISO" button.
    16. Right click the image that was created and select "burn using IMGburn", you need IMGburn installed for this.

    Use IMGburn to burn GameCube backup discs, IMGburn may very well be the
    best image/ISO burning software available. Tayio Yuden or Verbatim (with the Azo dye) are
    recommended, DVD +R or DVD -R can be used. If you use any other brand then
    stick with the DVD -R. If you have a crappy DVD burner (factory installed burner)
    then stick with DVD -R. When burning DVD +R then set book type to DVD ROM.
    Do not use Verbatim Lifeseries line of media, it is junk.

    - Install IMGburn
    - right click on the image (ISO/gcm) file to be burned.
    - select "burn using IMGburn"
    - select your burning speed, I recommend 4X
    - select "verify burn"
    - now burn your disc

    While your disc is burning (burning a DVD is very delicate)

    - make sure your screen saver or virus scanner don't start running.
    - do not multi task, such as run other programs or surf the web
    - go get a sandwhich or something while burning, just leave your mouse alone.

    If your backups are not working and you failed to use the recommended blank DVD media then do not ask why your backups are not working.


    Thanks goes to
    WiiGator - for mIOS patcher and GCBL 0.2
    WiiPower - for continuing work on launching GC backups and NeoGamma
    emu_kidid - for CleanRip ans Swiss
    Waninkoko - for everything he as done
    Pepxl - NeoGamma DFNG forwarder
    Patman666 - for GC MultigameISO Creator
    ImgBurn - for ImgBurn
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    Do I choose original MIOS or Custom MIOS

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    whats the best media to use for gamecube backup disc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloody_Leg View Post
    Do I choose original MIOS or Custom MIOS
    Install the custom MIOS

    Quote Originally Posted by jswick View Post
    whats the best media to use for gamecube backup disc?
    Use DVD -R, Verbatim or Tayio Yuden for best results. Sony or Ritek are good second choices but in no way compare to the first choices.

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    so.. i did EVERYTHING here. thank you! but one question.. I put mario party 4,5,6 &7 onto a disc.. and the disc loads, but only goes straight to Mario party 4... how do i get to choose the other ones? thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotchy19 View Post
    so.. i did EVERYTHING here. thank you! but one question.. I put mario party 4,5,6 &7 onto a disc.. and the disc loads, but only goes straight to Mario party 4... how do i get to choose the other ones? thanks.
    Use the D-pad (left or right) and you can scroll thru the games on the disc.

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    are you talking about in a menu? because no menu comes up? or are you saying when im looking at the Mario party for start screen i can switch through games? I will try....

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    Is there anyone currently working on a USB HDD loader for gamecube games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by metroplex2k7 View Post
    Is there anyone currently working on a USB HDD loader for gamecube games?
    It will take quite a bit of work to make a USB Loader for GameCube games. Your Wii goes into gamecube mode when you load a gamecube disc, it act just like a gamecube. Since the gamecube did not support Wiimotes, USB ports, and did not have a SD card slot, your Wii will not support these options while in gamecube mode.

    scotchy19 - yes, load the multiISO disc and you will see a game title on the screen, then press left or right on the D-pad to scroll thru the other games on the disc.

    here is a quote from Favs tutorial
    8. Burn it and you're done! If your wii is chipped just load the disc as normal, you will be created with a CGOS menu where you select your game. If your wii is using the backup loader just launch it like you would any gamecube game and use right and left on the d-pad to change game.
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    i did what you said and i still cant get it to work it just stays at the gc backup launcher screen for awhile while the laser moves and makes noises then it restarts what am i doing wrong and do you need a gc memory card for this to work or just to save game thanks plzzzzzzzzzzz help

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