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Thread: WiiFit Black Screen HELP!

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    WiiFit Black Screen HELP!

    I am unable to get my wiifit plus to work on my wii. Before this posting I have exhausted all the resources, software, forum readings. I honestly tried first. I learned alot. Now after two weeks straight and countless hours I give up. So here is my post.

    I tried all loaders. USB Loader, USB config, and neogamma. No go. I even upgraded to 4.2 U (which im at right now and no go) I have the iso and converted to WBFS file and place it on a WBFS partition. (if it helps I tried other games (iso>wbfs) and they work) As I tried all tuts and forums none of them work, is there someone that can give me a step by step guide (high level) to get this game working. I have all the latest IOS loaded. as well.

    When I load the game, I get a little HDD activity, then a "ding" on the wiimote and then black screen and stays 5mins - 10mins etc..

    Any ideas would be much appreciated!
    Thank you

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    Verify the ISO, load into Wiiscrubber, IOS Patcher and check it gives some sensible data.

    Also load the ISO into Dolphin (the GC,Wii emulator), it may not run very well on your PC but it will show you if the ISO is sound. I have a i7 920 OC 4Ghz PC and Dolphin is about the only app that really stresses the CPU, apart from SuperPI and such like.

    Just tried WFP(PAL) in my Dolphin emulator and the first thing it does is create save data on the Wii, but otherwise it runs right up to the Balance Board sync screen. Just before the save data screen pops up it makes a Wiimote attention type noise.

    Maybe you have a WFP corrupted data file, or your Wii NAND is full.
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