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Thread: Ca libdi and the DVDX installer and mplayer (Play DVD's on unmodded & modded Wii)

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    Ca Ca libdi and the DVDX installer and mplayer (Play DVD's on unmodded & modded Wii)

    As you all know, I’ve been working on libdi (or the DVD Access library) for a while now. We had some problems getting it out to release because of the difficulties we encountered while writing the second part of this topic. The DVDX installer instead will install a small, hidden, channel on your Wii that allows you to read DVDs on an unmodified system. It is not an installer for a patched IOS. You may however need one, depending on your system.

    Usage of this package is fairly simple. Run the installer.dol found in the package, follow the onscreen instructions, and you’re done.

    Once you’ve done that, you can enjoy the splendor of mplayer. That what started out as a simple proof of concept has rapidly turned into a full-featured media player, under the nourishing hands of dhewg. The main aim of the mplayer project was to get DVDVideo going, but it also supports reading video files off the SD card. (Experimental).

    A patch for Wii64, the N64 emulator for the Wii, will also be available shortly. This patch will allow you to read games off a DVD.

    Download links:


    If you have a modchip, you also need patchmii, in addition to the DVDX stub installer.
    Sourcehackmii by Bushing

    I got it to work. Keep in mind its with a mod chip and do not change any folders names.

    1. create folder called Patchmii in apps folder.
    2. copy patchmii.dol to patchmii folder
    3. rename patchmii.dol to boot.dol
    4. copy di folder to apps folder
    5. open di folder and rename installer.dol to boot.dol
    6. copy mplayer folder to apps folder
    7. start HBC and run patchmii (renamed to boot.dol) it will exit to HBC
    8. Run DVDX installer (renamed to boot.dol in the di folder)
    8a choose normal if no modchip
    8b choose patchmii if you have a mod chip
    8c choose exit and it will return you to HBC
    9. start Mplayer
    10. put in dvd


    libdi and the DVDX installer and patchmii and mplayer Rapidshare

    libdi and the DVDX installer and patchmii and mplayer Mediafire

    UPDATE FROM marcan (Team Twiizers ) HACKmii
    To uninstall PatchMii, use AnyTitle Deleter and remove title 0000001-000000fe. We’ll include a proper uninstaller in a future release - we didn’t want to have to make you wait longer, since we’re already kind of late with the library.

    To build libdi, you need the Git branch of libogc that we maintain. Fetch the repository from git:// and run make and make install. If you’re under Windows, you can use msysgit.

    To everone having problems: remember, this is nowhere near a final release and some troubles are expected.

    Regarding protected DVDs: mplayer needs a few seconds (sometimes minutes) to crack the CSS keys for protected titles. Give it some time and see if it starts working. We’ll try to optimize this in the future, especially if we figure out the CSS commands for the drive.

    Regarding PAL: quite a few of the people who made this are on PAL. We do care about PAL, it’s just that I think it turns out that at least two of us PALers are on 480p anyway, and sometimes we forget to extensively test the normal PAL modes.

    Server’s being glitchly lately. If the links don’t work, please try again in a few minutes or an hour or two.

    Both the DVDX channel-stub and PatchMii are only used by homebrew and have no effect on the normal Wii software. They are also not affected by firmware updates (although they could presumably be rendered useless if Nintendo wanted, but they won’t conflict with the updates themselves).

    You can uninstall DVDX from the DVDX installer. If you have it installed, an Uninstall option will pop up next time you run it.

    If you pick the wrong installation type (normal with incompatible modchip, or patchmii with no modchip) then DVD playback just won’t work - no harm done. You can reinstall with the right type to fix it.

    Some people might be having problems with older modchips (WiiKey, wiinja, OpenWii, WiiFree, yaosm) might not work. Explained here......

    Erant wrote “Ironically, the ones that do a better job of emulating a real Wii disc are the ones that need the modified IOS. Modchip vendors can easily identify compatibility by checking wether or not they set the 0×10 flag in the 0×8576 (D2A/DMS) memory location. Yaosm has been tested as working. D2CKey is most likely not supported, and OpenWii has been tested as not supported.”
    For example, with DVD-R the low byte of 0×8576 is 0×18 and the modchip temporarily changes it to 0×28 during the disclogin process. Once the disclogin is finished it is changed to 0×38. I believe all “old” modchips does this (WiiKey, wiinja, OpenWii, WiiFree, yaosm) and yaosm has always been working like that. However later versions of most modchips does indeed clear the 0×10 (changing 0×38 back to 0×28) in case of an 0xA4 DI command (the SMG check). Are you using 0xA4 commands with libdi?

    Erant // Aug 13, 2008 at 7:05 am The reason for some modchips working, and others not, is the presence or absence of the DVDVideo flag in the so-called mediaflag. Some modchips clear it, some don’t. Some modchips never even set it.
    Simply put, if your modchip fails the Error 001 it will not need a patchmii-d IOS. If it doesn’t fail it, it might not need it, depending on how your specific modchip worked around the issue. (Turning off the DVDVideo flag just for 0xA4 means no patchmii, working around the issue completely and not ever setting the DVDVideo flag means patchmii). I’ll whip up a test-program for you guys to test which modchip is supported or not soon-ish.

    Source HackMii and a couple comments down
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    Wow, thanks very much. What I would really like to see is someone develop a method of streaming video from PC to Wii via WiFi.

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    I'm sure network browsing and mounting harddrives is around the corner

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    Hold it hold it!!! what was that about a N64 emulator O_O

    and i didnt think the wii had potiential to become a multimedia centre

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    I found the following prepackaged installer for DVDX

    *Run PatchMii_Core first on HBC ONLY if you have a modded console
    1. Copy all 3 folders to the APPS folder on your SD card
    1.1 Run PatchMii_Core Installer on HBC (ONLY IF YOU HAVE A MODDED CONSOLE)
    2. Run Lib Installer on HBC
    3. Run MplayerWii on HBC
    Also, a user samsam12 on another forum converted this into a channel

    Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

    I have not used any of these files, so as a disclaimer, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

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    Thumbs up Wow!

    This is great i got a dvd to run on my unmodded my wii!
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    The screen freezes when i push play dvd or play chapter. One of my movies played once but would not play again.
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    Region-free DVD's and DVD's from the US work great on my Wii with modchip but it makes loud clicking toc-toc noises and freezes when I try DVDs from the UK...

    Have I done something wrong ?


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    although i really like this idea i have no need to play dvds on my wii, i can just use my ps2 or anything else. Now i like there work and they are great at what they do even there beta work as they should i mean look at HBC. Now once they have usb support and network support im sold. I dunno if it true but this version of mplayer can also play avi off the sd card

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    MPlayer Wii can play videos off of the SD card and a USB Drive.

    Is this a patched version of MPlayer Wii?

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