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Thread: Banner bricked Wii V4.2

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    Question Banner bricked Wii V4.2

    I Bricked My 4.2e wii and i dont have preloader but if i did could i off loaded homebrew channel and added systum ios and wad 3.2E and it would of changed it and of unbricked it i want to know becuase im getting new wii so i want to know if i need to install preloader then ic an do that so can i Pleasee leave comment taa

    Because If I Brick my wii again could i jsut laod prelaoder go homebrew and use V3.2E wad and ios and insatt that and will it unbrick it

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    The best thing to do would be to learn exactly what leads to bricks and avoid it in the first place. On your old wii did you have bootmii installed as boot2? If you did the disc light would flash twice quickly when you powered on. If you did there might be hope for that one. On your new wii you're getting, do not upgrade to 4.2, and yes install preloader.

    Also be aware that your new wii will more than likely have the new chipset that will prevent loading from backed up DVDs.

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    TA i did have bootmii as boot2 but how do u load bootmii from banner brick ebcuase i cant load sytum menu and i cant load preloader or homebrew

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    does bootmii pop up when you put your bootmii files on your sd card and start the wii? If you had it installed as boot2 bootmii will start up. If it was as an ios then it won't.

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    it wasent an ios is there any other way i can unbrick my wii without preloader or bootmii and not sending it to Nintendo

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    If it was indeed installed as BOOT2 then go here and do this.


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