I have 3.2U homebrew and wadmanager installed with a solderless clip wasabi zero on firmware 3.0 on the modchip.
I use MultiGame ISO Creator v3.5.4F+ and use unshrunken games and have seen problems with the following games and strange things even when burned as one single image:

1) Cars
2) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
3) Bloody Roar - Game will fail as soon as stage is loaded if gamecube audio fix is enabled. Will load and play stages if GC audio fix is disabled, but sound will be garbage and unbearable. this was one firmware 1.4b on modchip.
4) Enter the matrix - the game will freeze when loading right after jacking in and loading the first stage on firmware 1.4b on mod-chip. Interesting thing is once I updated to 3.0 firmware on the wasabi zero modchip the first intro cut-scene would play right before failing while trying to load the stage, whereas while the same solderless chip on firmware 1.4b would fail before loading this cut-scene, interesting. Did not try to disable the GC audio fix.
5) Finding Nemo - narrative audio keeps dropping during gameplay (also very long loading times).

I get the feeling that the focus is on Wii but does anyone know of a GC loader that can be installed through homebrew channel. I know that this can be fixed with a proper firmware update but team wasabi probably does not care.