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Thread: help 4.2e to 3.2e

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    help 4.2e to 3.2e

    hi everyone

    i am new here and i have hbc installed but i want to play games on hard drive so i got cios 36 rev14 and wad manager but when i click on cios 36 and it has ios249 my wii remote goes off so is there anythink i can do or maybe downgrade also i tried to downgrade but kept failing as remote was going off
    any help would be great

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    All I will say is if the wii was just bought very recently and came with 4.0+, maybe even 4.2 if thats what the newest wii's come with, dont downgrade to 3.2. There has been members on here that had 4.2 wiis (not the old wiis with older firmware that upgraded to 4.2) that downgraded to 3.2 and then used NSMB to upgrade back to 4.1 only to brick. The newest wiis can downgrade to 3.2 firmware, but if upgraded again, will brick. Trust me.
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    No it was a old one on 3.2e an my son when online and updated it to 4.2e and I just want it so I can put the games on the harddrive and play them even if I could do it on 4.2e

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    You can run USB Loaders on 4.2, just follow the relevant softmod tutorial by Messie or ShadowSonic2 and you'll be set.
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    Is there any links to do this as I can't seem to find them also I did try one USB loader but my remote kept going off will there do the same or will it pass though it

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    on shadowsonic on

    i keep getting stuck on this

    Step 3 - Delete The Stubbed IOS

    a)Re-run Homebrew Channel and Load Any Title Deleter DB. If you get any errors just press A. Then select System Titles and press A. Then, select IOS222 and press A to delete. Do the same for IOS223, IOS249 and IOS250.

    i cant delete them they just end up staying there


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