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Thread: Getting ISO onto USB

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    Getting ISO onto USB

    I'm not certain this is the right board but I am pretty much a newbie so it sorta makes sense.
    Anyway, a while back I got NSMBWii ISO onto a USB with some program (WBFSTool_V1.1 is what i have written down but that gives me the error "WBFS drive is not valid" when I try to select a drive, even though the usb is formatted to WBFS), and now I'm trying to get Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers ISO on the same USB.
    I tried using WBFS Manager but it isn't working, it says the ISO was successfully added to the USB stick but it doesn't actually show up on the manager and the Wii doesn't boot anything either. I'm following all the instructions in the readme file and nothing happens.

    Are there any other programs that will do this? Or any helpful advice? Google isn't helping at all

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    is your USB drive selected as ACTIVE? Is it properly Formatted? Does your USB drive have enough space to store the iso? Also I use WBFS version 3.0

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    If by ACTIVE you mean i've selected it from the list of drives at the top left & clicked 'load', then yes. Otherwise I'm not sure what you're talking about. It is formatted to WBFS, and it had enough space for NSMBWii which is the same size (which DID show up on the 'games on WBFS drive' list before i removed it to make room for this new game) but I think the program I used last time scrubbed it too? I'm using 3.0 as well, but I had to use 2.5 to re-format it after I tried following another guide which turned out to not be what I was looking for.

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    A USB stick?

    How big is it?

    As it is failing whilst on your PC, no point in asking about Wii connectivity.

    It sounds as if there was something corrupted along the way and you may need to now recover and possibly start over?

    I would back up back to PC anything I would want to keep and remove the partition and start over.

    You may wish to stick with a full FAT32 stick as it makes it easier to manage small drives, and use the tools for FAT32 devices from WFBS Manager & USB Loader GX or Cfg USB Loader.
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    Yes, a USB stick.

    It is 512 MB

    I was not asking about Wii connectivity so okay

    I just tried getting NSMBWii back on there (with WBFS manager 2.5) and that worked, it shows up on the USB. I'm guessing FF:CC just doesn't fit then?

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    err, simply no lol, sorry.

    Get a 4GB stick, you can put 99% of games on that, sometimes even get 5 or 6 on.
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    okay sweet, thanks for the help. Crystal Bearers isn't on that list but I'd say thats the problem. Time to go shopping!

    Thanks again guys, really appreciate it

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    Most ISOs are well over your limit, and the other FF is over 2GB, I would make a good guess that it won't fit then

    There does not seem to be much price difference between 4 & 8GB, and then a doubling of price to 16GB, so get the biggest you can afford at the time, it is always worth it.
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