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Thread: Wii sales surpass NES; DS Nintendo's best-selling hardware ever

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    Post Wii sales surpass NES; DS Nintendo's best-selling hardware ever

    In addition to revealing its latest financial figures, Nintendo has released some interesting facts about its two star performers, the Wii and DS. As revealed in the financials, the Wii has sold over 67 million units since its launch in 2006. Putting that in context, Nintendo reveals that the original Nintendo Entertainment System sold 61.91 units in its lifetime, which now makes the Wii the company's most successful console of all time. As for the DS, it has now sold 125.13 million units, surpassing Game Boy and Game Boy Color lifetime sales of 118.69 million units. That makes the DS Nintendo's most successful piece of hardware ever.

    It's important to point out that Nintendo counts all four iterations of the DS in its life-to-date sales numbers. Considering each version has a number of improvements over previous versions, we're sure there's plenty of overlap among consumers. Still, there's no denying that Nintendo's latest hardware lineup has been incredibly successful, even if it was slightly less successful in 2009.
    Source: Joystiq

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    Sweet and it just keeps on selling.


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