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Thread: I Rushed a Wii Mod BEFORE reading!

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    I Rushed a Wii Mod BEFORE reading!

    Hi, and thanks for taking a peak at my post. I am fresh to Wii Modding, REALLY FRESH since I purchased one off my sister last night (ended up getting wasting at her bar last night too, big mistake,lol) anyway I am fairly tech savvy and have modded my Xbox and all my family and friends as well (yeah they so love me now since they got banned ) and can rip/burn my own personal games for backups etc.... Anyway I was excited last night, rushed through trying to get HomeBrew on my Wii and didn't read any disclaimers or what and what not to do when modding. So I used the banner mod to install homebrew and everything went well. The system is fine but after reading a few posts and disclaimers NOW, I am a bit worried about my system. I do have a few questions and please don't flame since I am sure I can find all my answers in the forums but would probably take a few days to get everything right.

    Question #1: Is there a way to reset the homebrew and any mod I have done to the system so far so it's back to normal. I would like to do this so I can read a nice tutorial on how to do it properly and taking all the precautions neccessary to prevent it from bricking.

    Questions #2: What can I do to make a backup of the Wii system in case anything were to happen.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!


    Says that "Once completed you will have a clean Wii on sys menu 4.1. "

    Right now I have 4.2, and had 4.2 before I modded the wii.

    There is a WARNING to "Install IOS60-64-v6174.wad before doing this guide" and it does not state what this does. And once I do install this, and go through the guide, will I downgrade to 4.1 or will I still have 4.2?
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    Rushing is a no go. Read good and read carefully.

    If you followed the guide precisely, you had already done your NAND backup with Bootmii. (Question #2)

    You can easily delete the homebrew channel from the system menu. You could also revirginize your Wii. That guide is in the recommended tutorials section. (Question #1)

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    One thing to understand is that homebrew in it of itself is perfectly fine. you are running apps that ppl created and posted for you to use at During the usual softmod process you would install a cios and various ios files as well as game launchers. these are the tools that are used to run backups of wii games and yes they can be removed in the process of viginizing the wii.

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