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Thread: how do you know which chip is inside?

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    Question how do you know which chip is inside?

    i was wondering... is there any possible way to know what brand/type of modchip is inside without disassembling the Wii? i bought my Wii around last year (or maybe 2 years ago), and i forgot which chip did they install to my Wii...

    and oh, one more info : the firmware i had at the time of my purchase is 2.x (i forgot the full number, but it's around 2.0-2.9)
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    1) Burn the configuration disc of every single modchip and version to several dozen DVDs and try one until you get lucky.

    2) Ask Superman around and use his X-ray vision.

    3) Open the Wii.
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    Or try here and see what comes up
    Wii Drive Chip Database

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    Did you purchase it pre-modded online?
    If so, they may have a record of it. You may have a record of it in your e-mail also (confirmation of a purchase of Nintendo Wii + certain modchip + installation or something similar).


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