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Thread: Desperately need help with WBFS Manager.

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    Desperately need help with WBFS Manager.

    I have been trying severely to clone external hard drives using WBFS Manager 3.0. Every time I run it, the loading goes through, but it happens WAY too fast for the transfers to be actual games. All the information shows up on the other drive in WBFS Manager, but when run through usb loader (which all titles show up on) I just get blank screens. I have searched EVERYWHERE with no luck.

    I am using:
    Windows XP SP 3
    2 X Nintendo Wii's Both 4.2u
    1 of which is a day one, the other bought this past christmas
    2 X WD My Book Essential 1.5 TB External Hard drives
    Both can accept installs using usb loader GX
    I have successfully run installs on both hard drives
    All loadups and diagnostics show up fine.

    I have been having trouble adding downloaded backups using WBFS manager, but that's for later...

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    have both been formatted with wbfs??

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    Yes, after being formatted to ntfs in windows.

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    as I've read the instructions you aren't suppost to format the active partition with FAT or NTFS.

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    I did NTFS first, then formated to WBFS. Both are in WBFS now.

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    Have you tried other wbfs managers ???

    WBFS Managers - WikiTemp

    or another usb loader ????

    Have you tried copying one by one ???
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    Tried copying one by one, as well as every other conceivable thing I could do. But only with WBFS Manager. I'm about to try WBFSGUI. Thanks for the list. I'll let you know what happens.

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    Got the same outcome. Did all the loading, but it happened WAY too fast for it to be actually sending anything over. When I tried on my other comp, same setup (windows xp sp3, etc) I got loading, but then it managed to crash my computer and I am now having to reload windows (4 years of music GONE!!!) This problem is growing everyday apparently, more casualties on the way?

    UPDATE: Pretty sure that this has RUINED my hard drive on my other computer now....
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    Tried with "WBFS WuYou"(?). Got the same result as well... just slower, and in another language. I'm guessing it's something with my computer. I have .net framework up to date, unless there's been a more recent one. Do these things work better on other operating systems?

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    No, but I have found XP to be the better of the Windows OSs for WBFS.

    I can only guess you are missing something somewhere on your connectivity between the devices and your PC.

    Try this as an experiment, connect the 2 drives to your PC, drag 1 game off your original disk back to your PC converting back to an ISO, using WBFS Manager or WBFS Game Manager, when it's done, drag the ISO back to the 2nd drive you want all the games on then check that game works on your Wii.
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