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Thread: Installing MPlayer CE cIOS Installer - fakesign bug???

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    Us Installing MPlayer CE cIOS Installer - fakesign bug???

    Hey guys:

    I would like to install MPlayer CE cIOS Installer. In the readme is says:

    You can select the IOS to use to do the installation, so you can select a IOS with the fake sign bug.

    What is the "fake sign bug"??? And how do I know which ios has it???

    I have a hacked Wii v4.1U using Dogeggs guide.


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    Use 249. If it's right, it has already been fake signed. But only if you followed the whole guide.

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    Hey Casbuur:

    That was the one it defaulted to so I'll give it a whirl and yes I did follow the complete guide.

    Thanks a bunch!!!


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