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Thread: Advice would be nice

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    Advice would be nice

    Hi guys, i kown from pass forums memebrs never read the hello page, but what the tell hello..after my first wii second or new any don't buy version i should look for, and any thing i should be aware of.. cheers mirco

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    Are you asking what is better to buy new or old wii? Buy new you get a warranty and it can still be hacked!!

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    Thanks for the advice, New it is. what about the new version having a new kind of chip in.Is that a real issue..Finally should i go for a bare bones just the Wii or a package deal with extra remotes, a bar thing..yes im really that new to this and some plus...sorry been a long day and the gray matter not working, but i hopefully guess you know what i mean!!

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    Hello and welcome to the wiihacks community. All Wiis can be softmodded; one thing of which to be aware is that the newer Wiis are likely to have a Wii Drive chip, D3-2, that prevents the Wii drive from reading backup discs. The workarounds are to play from an external USB HDD, buy a WODE, or to replace the circuit board of the DVD drive.

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