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Thread: cant read disc error d2pro v 2

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    cant read disc error d2pro v 2

    please help i am at my wits end. i have a d2pro v2 5wire install on my d2b cut legs.

    i play some games and they load but more and more keep saying disc read erroe read wii manual? i dont what is going on.

    am sitting there playing mario striker then it says " cant read disc error " so i turn off and on again then the game wont read i have tryed ghecko but still nothing.

    what is the problem?


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    Sounds like a bad backup image. Did you try a different image?

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    ok 1st of all thank you guys

    i have tryed different images, i am using Verbatim DVD-R and burning with imgburn.

    this is crazy because all of my old games work but when i burn new 1s they dont?

    mario strikers did work and got error when playing now it dont, zack and wiki and load and also beach sports has to be loaded by ghecko even tho it is pal same as my wii?

    my we is semi bricked from blast works ntsc, i have the wii-system-menu-update-PAL-v290 unbricker but it wont load?

    i am so confused i keep ya all updated cheers

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    It could also be that the DVD Burner is bad. Did you try a different burner?

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    i was wanting for some1 to suggest that. i hope that is the problem! i will try a next burner and get back to ya ppl

    sNooGy luvs ya

    ps am i rite in saying the install is faine as it plays other games burnt ages ago

    ok so i have try lots and lots of things but still nothing, i think it is down to the semi brick on 3.3 is there anyway i can downgrade without the iso coz i cant load em
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    IM having the same problem..i got a game cube img to start then it froze.. and several iso's of zelda twilight princess. and wii just says same thing.. eject disk and reboot. using a lite-on ldw-411s. and have burned at multible speeds using imgburn.. HELP my wife is ready to kick my butt for spending 100 bucks on this with the solderless connector

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    to my friend yoda i have nw fixed this problem, 1st can i know some info,
    what wii you have?
    semi bricked?
    burner software
    what i did was install the twilight hack, but if you cant get that game to work then? then i installed the homebrew channel and then downgraded using the downgrader. this fix some issues for me, i then upgraded to 3.0 as this is as high i want to go up 2 at the mo!
    also i started to burn my games at x4 speed and they seem to great!

    gat back to me bro.....

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    what wii you have?drive chip is a GC2-D2C dont know if the pins on your drive chip are not cut.
    modchip?D2PRO9 v2 with v4C wiiclip Presoldered. - for D2C & D2C2
    firmware? newest by accident
    semi bricked? not bricked
    media?Verbatim DVD-r
    burner software is imgburn @ 2.4x
    I cant get twilight hack to go help there would be appreciated, Along with the homebrew channel tried getting that to load but couldnt do it via sd card

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    OPened up my wi and ran it Chip is deffently working corrently.. put the disk in and the red goes over to the blue lights and blinks some then get the error. thinking i need to downgrade the firmware I have everything needed to do it just dont know how.

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