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Thread: Neogamma R8 Beta 17 / Cheat Manager ??

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    Neogamma R8 Beta 17 / Cheat Manager ??

    Dos anyone know how to get the cheats to work on games ?

    I have tryed this :

    Ensure the cheat codes are in .gct format on sd card /root/data/codes/xxx.gct
    N NeoGamma go to congif opt
    set hook type needs to VBI.
    Ocarina needs to be yes(defailt IOS)

    and when the game loads it says no codes on SD ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Looks as if you have done something wrong with file.
    Easiest way to do this is to download these 2 apps, put them in your apps folder on sd card.
    Code downloader: Code Downloader - WiiBrew
    Cheat manager: CheatManager - WiiBrew

    Run cheat downloader through hbc, chose your egoin on first screen then find game you want cheats for. Click on them and download.

    After that run cheat manager from hbc click on game you just downloaded cheats for and to enable certain cheats hit + beside cheat. After you have chosen cheats you want hit 1.
    There is no need to muck about with folders, cheat manager does that all for you.

    Now launch games using Neogamma r7 and make sure ocarina option is turned on. As ocarina you are using is old and will not work with a lot of games.

    PM me if you need more help.

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    i dont know... cuz im not a cheater!!!... LOL

    and that is the quickest way of getting your self banned from the game servers if you plya them online with the cheats enabled....
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    wii master ive done everything you said now once in neogamma what do i set the config settings to


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