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Thread: Need help getting my wii to read usb harddrive

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    Need help getting my wii to read usb harddrive

    Hi I'm new to wii and need some help.
    K so my friend has a wii and got a hard drive to play his games from he set his wii up and has been playing with no problems. I gave him my wii to mod the same way and now he is stumped and says he can't get it to work, this is what has been done to my knowledge.

    The homebrew channel is there, but when I start it there is nothing there.
    if I press the home button it says in the right top corner 1.0.6 and Ios61 v21.29

    When in the wii system settings it says in the right top Ver. 4.2U

    I need to know what to do to get this working right please help.

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    The 4.2 might be the problem, if he used a guide for doing a lesser system menu, it wouldnt work on yours.

    Look at the guides section for 4.2 softmod guides, there are 2.

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    Now Then,

    sounds like he's put you the HBC on and nothing else, If thats the case then you need to follow the Softmod for 4.2, then get yourself a usb loader installed



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