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Thread: usb loader gx iso selection freeze

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    Ca usb loader gx iso selection freeze

    Fist off this site and usb loader are awesome! BRAVO!

    I'm not sure how to search for a solution for my problem so I thought I would try my luck asking here. Im hoping someone had the same issue and found the solution.

    In ULGX when scrolling through my iso dics (you know after clicking on a cover then the disc pops up then you can scroll left or right) once in a while a game or games will make ULGX freeze. WHat I mean by freeze is nothing is selectable but the hand is still controllable with the wiimote but powering off has to be done on the console itself.

    Even selecting that gave cover will produce the same issue.

    What I do to fix is deleting the iso with wbfs manager and reinstalling the iso and it then works again.

    I thought it might be a bad cover file download but I dont think so because I can open the image on my pc. I even tried deleting the image and it still freezes.

    So Im thinking maybe my loaded iso's are getting corrupted some how? Could ULGX be causing this?

    Any thoughts?

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    Some people experience this from time to time. The images themselves don't really have anything to do with freezing your console. There's a conflict somewhere in the coding.

    There are a few things you can try (in this order):
    • Update to a newer revision of GX (or at least try a different revision). Download here
    • Reinstall your cIOS as sometimes it gets a bad install.
    • Backup your SD card's contents and format the card. Download a new package of USB Loader GX and place that on the card (don't just use the same one from before).
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